The Master Minds FB page

The Master Minds has opened a Facebook business page in order to reach more audience. While the sole purpose of the page is yet to be announced in the future it’s currently using the platform to gain its momentum and to recruit the first batch of The Masterminds Army. The page came alive with a […]


Often, we notice mirror copies of foreign businesses and business strategies being introduces into our society without paying due considerations to the variety of social and cultural elements that makes Ethiopians unique consumers. As much as learning from those who have already done the job is a natural process of business; not adapting the business[…..]


Birralba is a new method of selling and buying staff cashlessly. In this era of globalization where every system is becoming digitalized. It’s only right to predict that societies will soon be forced to utilizing cashless systems such as Master car­­­­­­­ds, Mobile payment, Ethereum, Bitcoin or even microchip implants without being given an alternative. Which[…..]