I tried out the UK’s biggest exclusive dating app and this is what I learnt

I tried out the UK’s biggest exclusive dating app and this is what I learnt

Being a man in 2018 who is looking to find somebody means that you can be sure of one thing and one thing only – swiping, swiping, endless swiping. Matches come along every couple of days and when you do get paired up, often conversations will trail off – or not even begin at all.

This is where The Inner Circle comes in. A selective dating app, it ‘connects ambitious, like-minded people’ by curating the people who can access the platform and ‘ensuring compatibility and mutual interests prevail’.

It’s been a few months since I last dated somebody, so having tried out the alternatives and found none of them any good, I decided to give The Inner Circle a go, here’s what I learnt.

When you first hear about an ‘exclusive dating app’ it’s only natural that your mind is drawn to riches and glamour – you assume it’s an app offering the dating equivalent of the VIP section of your city’s biggest night club, but the reality of The Inner Circle is something different.

The app requires you to submit your job title and a photo of yourself so you can be vetted by the company’s in-house team, which is fundamentally a good thing for ambitious men who know how to conduct themselves.

‘ conversation openers and atrocious ‘ctrl c + ctrl v’ chat up lines. It being exclusive means doing away with all of that – and for men who actually have something interesting to say that means you’re a lot less likely to get lost in the fuckboi crowd.

The vetting process seems to create a more serious approach to dating than you might get elsewhere. Women on the app seemed career focused and driven. […]