For example, you can discover a page which have “Dear Lisa,” “Darling Lyonel,” or “Treasured loved ones

For example, you can discover a page which have “Dear Lisa,” “Darling Lyonel,” or “Treasured loved ones

Comma laws getting greetings

Good morning, comma, my old friend. Regarding greetings and commas, there’s that general rule that you should pursue: place the comma adopting the invited but before somebody’s name. Regardless of how the invited are, it code will support profits. But not, you will find a common price hit which could slow your off, hence we’re going to will for the a while.

Comma immediately after “Hello” and you can “Hey”

If you want to feel amicable, an old “Hello,” “Hello,” otherwise “Hi” is good opener. While using these greetings, you really need to place a great comma once her or him and you may in advance of someone’s label. If the playing with these on their own because the an enthusiastic interjection, you might merely avoid the new phrase with whichever punctuation mark you perform normally explore.

Comma just after “Dear”

Today, we obtain so you can a common obstacle. First of all, once you use “Dear” to open a letter or any other message, there is not a good comma ranging from “Dear” and also the man or woman’s label.


? Correct: Beloved Santa, I want world tranquility and you may a great Playstation 5 to own Xmas. ? Incorrect: Precious, Santa, Needs globe comfort and you will good Playstation 5 getting Xmas.

??What is the deal with “Precious?”

You’re probably wanting to know why “Dear” is-spoiler aware!-probably going to be the sole exception on the standard comma code. Better, this is because “Dear” isn’t really being used as a welcome; it is being used while the an adjective! […]